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Catalogue NumberTypeComposerTitleSubtitleInstruments/VoicesFormatDurationPrice
VAN 001VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Endechas y CantionesATTBScore10 mins.£5.00
VAN 001/1VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Endechas y Cantiones1. No pueden dormir mis ojosATTBScore
VAN 001/2VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Endechas y Cantiones2. Endechas a la muerte de Guillen PerazaATTBScore
VAN 001/3VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Endechas y Cantiones3. Pues mi pena visATTBScore
VAN 001/4VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Endechas y Cantiones4. Ojos de la mi señoraATTBScore
VAN 002VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)ArkhangelosATTBScore3 mins.£2.00
VAN 003VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)El amor y la SierraSATB (Div.)Score12 mins.£3.50
VAN 003/1VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)El amor y la Sierra1. La pena sin ser sabidaSATB (Div.)Score
VAN 003/2VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)El amor y la Sierra2. Gacela de amor imprevistoSATB (Div.)Score
VAN 003/3VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)El amor y la Sierra3. CanciónSATB (Div.)Score
VAN 003/4VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)El amor y la Sierra4. El amor y la sierraSATB (Div.)Score
VAN 004VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Canticle of SimeonSATBScore2 mins.£2.00
VAN 005Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Mariposa del AireSATB + StringsScore18 mins.£10.00
VAN 005/1Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Mariposa del Aire1. Paisaje - LandscapeSATB + StringsScore
VAN 005/2Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Mariposa del Aire2. Tío-vivo - Merry-go-roundSATB + StringsScore
VAN 005/3Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Mariposa del Aire3. Paisaje - LandscapeSATB + StringsScore
VAN 005/4Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Mariposa del Aire4. Mariposa del Aire - ButterflySATB + StringsScore
VAN 005/Pts.Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Mariposa del AireStringsParts18 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 005/V.S.Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Mariposa del AireSATB + StringsVocal Score18 mins.£4.00
VAN 006VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)AnamnisisATTBScore8 mins.£3.00
VAN 007VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Canticle at the Parting of the Soul from the BodyTTBScore6 mins.£3.00
VAN 008VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Hymn of the TransfigurationSATB (Div.)Score5 mins.£3.50
VAN 009VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Canticle of the Mother of GodSATB (Div.)Score11 mins.£5.00
VAN 010VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)VespersSSAScore10 mins.£5.00
VAN 012VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Prophecy of SimeonSSATTBScore4 mins.£3.00
VAN 011InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)PhosphorescenceOrganScore7 mins.£4.50
VAN 013Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Passione PopulareSATB (Div.) + Oboe + Violin + Viola + CelloScore15 mins.£10.00
VAN 013/Pts.Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Passione PopulareOboe + Violin + Viola + CelloParts15 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 013/V.S.Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Passione PopulareSATB (Div.)Vocal Score15 mins.£5.00
VAN 014Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)O TaphosThe GraveCT + Viols (2 ea. Treble, Tenor, Bass)Score10 mins.£10.00
VAN 014/Pts.Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)O TaphosThe GraveViols (2 ea. Treble, Tenor, Bass)Parts10 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 015VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Pacific CanticlesSATB (Div.)Score9 mins.£4.50
VAN 015/1VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Pacific Canticles1. Magnificat: Canticle of the Mother of GodSATB (Div.)Score
VAN 015/2VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Pacific Canticles2. Nunc Dimittis: Canticle of St SymeonSATB (Div.)Score
VAN 016VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Nunc dimittisCanticle of St SymeonSSAATTBBScore2 mins.£2.50
VAN 017Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)RevelationNarrator, Male Choir, 2 Vlas da Gamba, 2 Sackbuts, Small OrganFull score40 mins.
VAN 079Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)John in the DesertSATB + Viols (2 ea. Treble, Bass)Score6 mins.£5.00
VAN 079/Pts.Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)John in the DesertViols (2 ea. Treble, Bass)Parts6 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 080VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Christmas IkosSATBScore2 mins.£2.00
VAN 081Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Three Poems of Anna AkmatovaVoice + StringsScore7 mins.£3.50
VAN 081/Pts.StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Three Poems of Anna Akmatova2 Violins + 2 Violas + 2 CellosParts7 mins.£6.00
VAN 082VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Canti della RosaCt (A) + Ct (A) + T + Bar + Bar + BScore15 mins.£8.50
VAN 082/1VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Canti della Rosa1: RosaCt (A) + Ct (A) + T + Bar + Bar + B
VAN 082/2VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Canti della Rosa2: Maria e San GiuseppeCt (A) + Ct (A) + T + Bar + Bar + B
VAN 082/3VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Canti della Rosa3: Su Piantu ‘e MariaCt (A) + Ct (A) + T + Bar + Bar + B
VAN 082/4VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Canti della Rosa4: Non piangere per meCt (A) + Ct (A) + T + Bar + Bar + B
VAN 082/5VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Canti della Rosa5: Rosa 2Ct (A) + Ct (A) + T + Bar + Bar + B
VAN 083Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Stabat MaterSSAATTBB + String QuartetScore20 mins.£7.50
VAN 083/Pts.Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Stabat MaterString QuartetParts20 mins.£6.00
VAN 084Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Moons and SunsSATB + 4 SaxophonesScore15 mins.£10.00
VAN 084/Pts.Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Moons and Suns4 SaxophonesParts15 mins.£16.00
VAN 085VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Led by the LightSSAATTBBScore12 mins.£7.00
VAN 086VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Aurora RadiusSSAATTBBScore9 mins.£4.50
VAN 087VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)O quam mirabilisSSAScore2 mins.£2.50
VAN 088VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Venerabilis GallusSTTBarScore5 mins.£3.50
VAN 089VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Angelus Domini descendit de caeloSSAATTBBScore5 mins.£4.00
VAN 090VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Sedam Himni Svetom SaviSeven Hymns to St SavaSSAATTBBScore14 mins.£5.50
VAN 092Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Prayer to the Mother of GodS + BellsScore8 mins.£6.50
VAN 093VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)ErimosSSAAScore8 mins.£3.00
VAN 094VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)To the Holy SpiritSSATBScore4 mins.£3.00
VAN 095VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Thy Fatherly EmbraceSATB (Div.)Score2 mins.£1.50
VAN 096VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Troparion of KassianiSSAScore3 mins.£2.50
VAN 097VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)O IsplendorSATB Soli+SATBScore14 mins.£6.50
VAN 098VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)AnastasisResurrectionSAATTTTBarBarBScore11 mins.£6.00
VAN 099VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)O Luce EtternaDante Trilogy No. 1SSAATTBBScore14 mins.£6.50
VAN 100VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Lamentation of the VirginSATTBarBScore8 mins.£4.50
VAN 101VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Behold the Bridegroom comesSATBScore3 mins.£2.50
VAN 102ConcertoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Vigil of the AngelsViola + StringsScore11 mins.£7.00
VAN 102/Pts.ConcertoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Vigil of the AngelsViola + StringsParts11 mins.£15.00
VAN 103VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Te lucis ante terminumSSATBBScore5 mins.£4.00
VAN 104VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Funeral TrisagionSATBScore3 mins.£2.50
VAN 105VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)When Augustus reigned alone on earthSATBScore4 mins.£3.50
VAN 106Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Ecce homoSATB + OrganScore4 mins.£3.00
VAN 107Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Stephans-WeihnachtA Sequence of 12 PiecesSATTBarB soli + SATB Choir (Div.) + Cornetto + 3 TrombonesScore40 mins.£15.00
VAN 108Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Stephans-WeihnachtA Sequence of 12 PiecesSATTBarB soli + SATB Choir (Div.)Vocal Score40 mins.£12.50
VAN 109Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Stephans-WeihnachtA Sequence of 12 PiecesCornetto + 3 TrombonesParts40 mins.£40.00
VAN 110PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)FioriturePianoScore5 mins.£5.00
VAN 111VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Izbavljenije posla GospodThe Lord hath sent RedemptionSATBScore3 mins.£2.50
VAN 112VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Vecheri TvoevaAt Thy Mystical SupperSATBScore3 mins.£3.00
VAN 113VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)AflameSSAATTBarBScore6 mins.£5.00
VAN 114VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)ApokathilosisDescent from the CrossTTBarBScore5 mins.£4.50
VAN 115VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Le Renard et le BusteThe Fox and the BustSATTBarBScore5 mins.£3.50
VAN 116StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)KlamaWeepingViola + Double BassScore5 mins.£2.50
VAN 116/Pts.StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)KlamaWeepingViola + Double BassParts5 mins.£6.00
VAN 117Piano/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Nocturne of LightPiano + String QuartetScore15 mins.£10.00
VAN 117/Pts.StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Nocturne of LightViolin I + Violin II + Viola + CelloParts15 mins.£12.00
VAN 119StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)O Tower wreathed in GoldSolo CelloScore6 mins.£5.00
VAN 120InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)The Sea of MarmoraHarpsichord/VirginalsScore4 mins.£3.00
VAN 122InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Dog DreamsPianoScore6 mins.£5.00
VAN 123Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Cielo della LunaDante Trilogy No. 3SATB + Alto Flute + Vibraphone + Piano + Violin + CelloScore14 mins.£6.50
VAN 123/V.S.VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Cielo della LunaDante Trilogy No. 3SATBVocal Score14 mins.£3.50
VAN 123/Pts.Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Cielo della LunaDante Trilogy No. 3Alto Flute + Vibraphone + Piano + Violin + CelloParts14 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 124Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)SimeronTodayS+Ct+T + String TrioScore24 mins.£12.50
VAN 125StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Serbian DovesCello + D. BassScore (2)4 mins.£4.00
VAN 126VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Greek LiturgySATBScore35 mins.£12.50
VAN 127VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Apolytikion of St NicholasSATBScore2 mins.£1.50
VAN 128VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Canticum Canticorum IVSong of Songs IVSSAATTBBScore7 mins.£5.50
VAN 129VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Te ApostolitS+Ms+Contr.+T+Bar+BScore6 mins.£4.00
VAN 130VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Bogoroditse DevaHymn to the VirginSSAATTBBScore4 mins.£3.50
VAN 131Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)LamentationsAATTTTBB + 2 TrombonesScore30 mins.£10.00
VAN 131/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Lamentations2 TrombonesParts30 mins.£4.00
VAN 132VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)SlovaSSAScore2 mins.£2.00
VAN 134InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Zefiro con UcelliWind Ensemble (5)Score5 mins.£4.00
VAN 134/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Zefiro con UcelliPiccolo + Oboe + Clarinet + Bassoon + HornParts5 mins.£10.00
VAN 135InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)MetavasisClarinet + Cello + PianoScore14 mins.£8.00
VAN 135/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)MetavasisClarinet + CelloParts14 mins.£6.00
VAN 136InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)AnakhorisisDepartureCello + PianoScore & Parts12 mins.£5.00
VAN 137VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)A Lion’s SleepSSAScore3 mins.£2.50
VAN 138VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Beautiful NightNoc PrekasnaSSATBarBScore3 mins.£2.50
VAN 140Vocal/PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)ClépsidraMezzo + PianoScore12 mins.£8.00
VAN 142VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Sub tuum praesidiumUnder Thy protectionSATB+SATB+SATBScore14 mins.£4.50
VAN 144CantataThomas, Wyndham (1938-2018)Corpus ChristiS solo + Chorus + Organ + OrchestraFull Score50 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 144/V.S.CantataThomas, Wyndham (1938-2018)Corpus ChristiS solo + Chorus + OrganVocal Score50 mins.£8.00
VAN 145VocalThomas, Wyndham (1938-2018)Evening CanticlesMagnificat & Nunc dimittisATB + OrganScore8 mins.£3.50
VAN 169PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Shoreline2 PianosScore (x 1)6 mins.£3.50
VAN 177ChamberBeaumont, Adrian (b.1937)Concerto for Double Wind QuintetDouble Wind QuintetScore18 mins.£15.00
VAN 178ChamberBeaumont, Adrian (b.1937)Concerto for Double Wind Quintet2 Flutes + 2 Oboes + 2 Clarinets + 2 Horns + 2 BassoonsParts18 mins.£25.00
VAN 179ViolsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)FarewellTr + T + 2 BV + Gt.B.ViolScore & Parts5 mins.£12.50
VAN 201ChamberWard, David (b.1941)DivertimentoOctetMixed Octet (Winds + Strings)Full Score25 mins.
VAN 201/Pts.ChamberWard, David (b.1941)DivertimentoOctetMixed Octet (Winds + Strings)Parts25 mins.
VAN 202VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Ave Maris StellaVocal SSMsScore3 mins.
VAN 203VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)O Maria/Maris Stella/Ti TheotokosVocal SSMsScore3 mins.
VAN 204VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Resurgentis/Dhefte lavete/Kristos anesteVocal SSMsScore3 mins.
VAN 205ChamberWard, David (b.1941)Entrance, Sonata & ExitTrumpet + String Quartet30 mins.
VAN 206Brass BandWard, David (b.1941)BurlesqueBass Trombone + Brass BandFull Score4 mins.
VAN 207ConcertoWard, David (b.1941)Variations for Cello & OrchestraCello + OrchestraFull Score18 mins.
VAN 208Brass BandWard, David (b.1941)BagatellesBrass BandFull Score8 mins.
VAN 209VocalWard, David (b.1941)Three Poems by J. M. SyngeMezzo + PianoPiano Score7 mins.
VAN 210OperaWard, David (b.1941)TimoneOpera (Large House)Full Score2 hrs.
VAN 211OrchestralWard, David (b.1941)Stock Exchange Balletexcerpt from TimoneOrchestraFull Score13 mins.
VAN 212ChamberWard, David (b.1941)Clarinet QuintetClarinet + String QuartetFull Score30 mins.
VAN 213VocalWard, David (b.1941)Songs for PattiMezzo + PianoPiano Score6 mins.
VAN 214InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)ImprovisationBass Trombone + PianoScore & Parts3 mins. 30”
VAN 215InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)Mute PlayBass Trombone + PianoScore & Parts8 mins.
VAN 216InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)More for H & SClarinet + ViolinScore & Parts2 mins.
VAN 217OperaWard, David (b.1941)Sybil: a Nation DividedOpera (Large House)Full Score2 hrs. 45 mins.
VAN 218OperaWard, David (b.1941)Cupid and PsycheOpera (Chamber plus)Full Score1hr. 30 mins.
VAN 219InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)Dreaming of a Distant LoveParaphrase from Cupid & PsycheAlto Sax + Violin + Percussion + E PianoScore & Parts2 mins.
VAN 220InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)DuoViolin + CelloScore & Parts6 mins.
VAN 221StringsWard, David (b.1941)String Quartet #7String QuartetScore12 mins.
VAN 221/Pts.StringsWard, David (b.1941)String Quartet #7String QuartetSolo Parts12 mins.
VAN 222VocalWard, David (b.1941)Pleasures are like Poppies spreadMezzo + PianoPiano Score2 mins.
VAN 223InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)Lukkaminnie’s OoViolin + CelloParts2 mins.
VAN 224ChamberWard, David (b.1941)The Abbot of BinghamS + Trombone + String TrioParts4 mins.
VAN 225OperaWard, David (b.1941)The Garden of the SunOpera (Large House)Full Score2 hrs.
VAN 226InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)In Memoriam KeithViolin + TromboneParts2 mins.
VAN 227FilmWard, David (b.1941)Arias & CadenzasCello + Percussion + PianoScore & Parts23 mins.
VAN 228InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)There & BackCello DuoParts4 mins.
VAN 229ConcertoWard, David (b.1941)Cello Concerto # 1Cello + OrchestraFull Score37 mins.
VAN 229/Pts.ConcertoWard, David (b.1941)Cello Concerto # 1 [Parts]Cello + OrchestraParts37 mins.
VAN 230InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)CanzonaClarinet + PianoScore & Parts3 mins. 30”
VAN 231OrchestralWard, David (b.1941)Concert Overture on themes from Jack’s EngagementOrchestraFull Score13 mins.
VAN 232VocalThomas, Wyndham (1938-2018)Jesu, Almighty King of BlisChristmas MotetSolo S + SATB + 2 Solo BScore4 mins.£3.50
VAN 233Vocal/OrganThomas, Wyndham (1938-2018)Nova, Nova Ave fit ex EvaChristmas CarolSATB + OrganScore4 mins.£3.50
VAN 234VocalThomas, Wyndham (1938-2018)Three Melodramas and a EulogyS + PianoScore15 mins.£8.00
VAN 234/1VocalThomas, Wyndham (1938-2018)Three Melodramas and a Eulogy1. Hecuba’s Lament for Troy (Euripides)S + Piano
VAN 234/2VocalThomas, Wyndham (1938-2018)Three Melodramas and a Eulogy2. Penelope’s Web (Homer)S + Piano
VAN 234/3VocalThomas, Wyndham (1938-2018)Three Melodramas and a Eulogy3. Helen (after Marlowe)S + Piano
VAN 234/4VocalThomas, Wyndham (1938-2018)Three Melodramas and a Eulogy4. Medea’s Resolve (Euripides)S + Piano
VAN 235VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)TransfigurationSATB + SSAATTBBScore13 mins.£5.00
VAN 236Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)O ArchangelsCornetto + S + Viola da GambaScore & Parts3 mins.£4.50
VAN 237VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)PrantoSATBScore3 mins.£2.50
VAN 238Vocal/Acc.Victory, Gerard (1921-1995)This is the Month (Milton)CarolSATB + Organ + Brass Quintet (opt.)Full Score£5.00
VAN 238/Pts.Vocal/Acc.Victory, Gerard (1921-1995)This is the Month (Milton)CarolBrass QuintetParts£10.00
VAN 238/V.S.Vocal/Acc.Victory, Gerard (1921-1995)This is the Month (Milton)CarolSATB + OrganVocal score£4.00
VAN 239VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Apostichafor the Vespers of the DormitionSATBScore5 mins.£4.00
VAN 240Vocal/ViolsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Vergine PuraPetrarchSATTB + 4 ViolsScore5 mins.£6.50
VAN 240/Pts.ViolsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Vergine PuraPetrarch4 ViolsParts5 mins.£8.00
VAN 241VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Vergine BellaPetrarchATTBScore3 mins.£2.50
VAN 242Vocal/ViolsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Vergine SaggiaPetrarchA + 3 ViolsScore3 mins.£6.50
VAN 242/Pts.Vocal/ViolsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Vergine SaggiaPetrarch3 ViolsParts3 mins.£6.00
VAN 243Vocal/ViolsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Hymn to Christ the SaviourS/ATTB + Viol ConsortScore15 mins.£6.50
VAN 243/Pts.ViolsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Hymn to Christ the SaviourViol ConsortParts15 mins.£15.00
VAN 244StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Litanies & AlleluiasString QuartetScore16 mins.£6.00
VAN 244/Pts.StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Litanies & AlleluiasString QuartetParts16 mins.£12.50
VAN 245Vocal/OrchestralMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Psalm AntiphonOrchestra (Large) + 2 Pianos + SATBScore10 mins.£4.00
VAN 245/Pts.OrchestralMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Psalm AntiphonOrchestra (Large) + 2 PianosParts10 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 245/V.S.VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Psalm AntiphonSATBVocal Score£3.50
VAN 246VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Antiphon to Psalm 1SATB + SSAATTBBScore3 mins.£3.50
VAN 247VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)IsángeleSATBScore4 mins.£3.00
VAN 248InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)TanninimTuba + PianoScore & Parts9 mins.£6.00
VAN 248/1InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Tanninim1. Song of the LeviathanTuba + Piano
VAN 248/2InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Tanninim2. Song of the DragonTuba + Piano
VAN 248/3InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Tanninim3. Song of the SerpentTuba + Piano
VAN 249InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)CravoHarpsichordScore3 mins.£3.00
VAN 250InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Inperaytriz de la CiutatOrganettoScore3 mins.£4.00
VAN 251InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)MyronFlute + PianoScore & Parts5 mins.£3.50
VAN 252StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)... L’Altre StelleString Quartet + DBassScore4 mins.£4.00
VAN 252/Pts.StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)... L’Altre StelleString Quartet + DBassParts4 mins.£7.50
VAN 253ViolsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)The Sea will be born againBass ViolScore2 mins.£1.50
VAN 254VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Lament for ParadiseATTBScore5 mins.£3.50
VAN 255Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Oltre la SperaSSATTBarB + Flute + B.Clarinet + Vibraphone + Piano + Violin + Viola + CelloScore8 mins.£8.00
VAN 255/PtsInstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Oltre la SperaFlute + B.Clarinet + Vibraphone + Piano + Violin + Viola + CelloParts8 mins.£12.00
VAN 255/V.S.Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Oltre la SperaSSATTBarB + PianoVocal Score8 mins.£5.00
VAN 256VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)O Tebye raduyetsyaHymn to the Mother of GodSATB (Div.)Score4 mins.£2.50
VAN 257VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Carol of the InnocentsSATBScore3 mins.£2.50
VAN 258Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Mirrored the SkyS solo + Ms solo + Clarinet + Bass Clarinet + String QuartetScore17 mins.£8.50
VAN 258/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Mirrored the SkyClarinet + Bass Clarinet + String QuartetParts17 mins.£15.00
VAN 259InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)PenthosViola + MarimbaScore & Parts8 mins.£12.50
VAN 260Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Thanatos - DeathThree Greek PoemsTenor + Hand Bells + Harp + String Quartet + D.BassScore8 mins.£10.00
VAN 260/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Thanatos - DeathThree Greek PoemsHand Bells + Harp + String Quartet + D.BassParts8 mins.£17.50
VAN 261InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)LlantoA la memoria de Federico Garcia LorcaOboe + String QuartetScore14 mins.£8.50
VAN 261/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)LlantoA la memoria de Federico Garcia LorcaOboe + String QuartetParts14 mins.£10.00
VAN 262VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Hymnus circa exsequias defunctiTake him, earth, for cherishingTrCtCt(AA)TBBScore4 mins.£3.50
VAN 263Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)ElegíaA la memoria de Ton de LeeuwSolo Bar. + 2 Clarinets + Violin + Viola + Cello + HarpScore4 mins.£5.50
VAN 263/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)ElegíaA la memoria de Ton de Leeuw2 Clarinets + Violin + Viola + Cello + HarpParts4 mins.£15.00
VAN 264VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Two Hymns for the Office of Holy UnctionSATBScore6 mins.£3.50
VAN 265VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Mistírion IThe CrucifixionSATB (Div.)Score3 mins.£2.50
VAN 266VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Mistírion IIIkon of the ResurrectionSSAATTBBScore14 mins.£4.50
VAN 268VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Hymn of Joseph of ArimatheaSolo Alto + Solo Tenor + SATBScore3 mins.£3.50
VAN 269VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Invocation of the Holy SpiritSATBScore2 mins.£2.50
VAN 270VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Troparion and ExaposteilarionSolo Tenor + SATB (Div.)Score3 mins.£2.50
VAN 271VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)EnsárkosisIncarnationSATB (Div.)Score4 mins.£3.50
VAN 272Vocal/PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Prière (pour Francis Poulenc)S + PianoScore2 mins.£1.50
VAN 273VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Lament for ChristSSAATTBB with SoliScore20 mins.£8.00
VAN 274InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Procession of AngelsViolin + Clarinet + PianoScore & Parts10 mins.£10.00
VAN 275InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Russian AngelsString SextetScore10 mins.£5.00
VAN 275/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Russian Angels2 Violins + 2 Violas + 2 CellosParts10 mins.£12.00
VAN 276InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)MidnightClarinet + String QuartetScore12 mins.£6.00
VAN 276/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)MidnightClarinet + String QuartetParts12 mins.£12.50
VAN 277ConcertoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)DragonflyBass Clarinet + EnsembleScore12 mins.£8.00
VAN 277/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)DragonflyBass Clarinet + Alto Flute + Vibraphone + Percussion + Viola + Cello + Harp + PianoParts12 mins.£20.00
VAN 278Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Cantigas do MarS solo + Hurdy-Gurdy + Bells (opt. + Recorder + Harp)Score35 mins.£10.00
VAN 279InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Birth of LeavesBass Clarinet + Bonang + Viola + Cello + D. BassScore9 mins.£5.50
VAN 279/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Birth of LeavesBass Clarinet + Bonang + Viola + Cello + D. BassParts9 mins.£15.00
VAN 280VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Chalice of WisdomTTBarBBScore7 mins.£6.00
VAN 281(a)InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)ExindaViolin + Viola + Cello + PianoScore & Parts3 mins.£8.50
VAN 281(b)InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)ExindaCello + PianoScore & Parts3 mins.£5.50
VAN 282Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Cantigas de AmigoA solo + Violin + Viola + CelloScore & Parts20 mins.£10.00
VAN 283Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)The Onset of theTwilightFour Poems of Ossip MandelstamS solo + PianoScore5 mins.£8.00
VAN 284Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Canciones de AmorA solo + HarpsichordScore8 mins.£8.00
VAN 285OperaMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Fables de La FontaineSTTB soli + Strings + HarpsichordScore25 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 285/Pts.OperaMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Fables de La FontaineSTTB soli + Strings + HarpsichordParts25 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 286InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Mediterranean AngelsOboe + Viola + D. Bass + PianoScore18 mins.£8.00
VAN 286/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Mediterranean AngelsOboe + Viola + D. Bass + PianoParts18 mins.£12.00
VAN 287InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)ChôrosHarpsichordScore5 mins.£4.50
VAN 288Vocal/ViolsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Al Alva VenidS solo + A solo + Tr. Viol + T. Viol + B. ViolScore & Parts6 mins.£12.50
VAN 289InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)The Descent of the DoveViolin + Cello + PianoScore9 mins.£8.00
VAN 289/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)The Descent of the DoveViolin + CelloParts9 mins.£8.00
VAN 290VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Orthodox Wedding HymnSATBScore4 mins.£2.50
VAN 291Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Only the Bees can hear ...Four Poems by Anna AkhmatovaSMsA + String QuartetScore15 mins.£6.00
VAN 291/Pts.StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Only the Bees can hear ...Four Poems by Anna AkhmatovaString QuartetScore15 mins.£12.00
VAN 292ConcertoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Lacrime d’AmbraHarp + EnsembleScore9 mins.£8.00
VAN 292/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Lacrime d’AmbraHarp + B. Clarinet + Alto Flute + Vibraphone + Violin + Viola + CelloParts9 mins.£17.50
VAN 293InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)The Bird of DawningBass Clarinet + Violin + Viola + CelloScore7 mins.£8.00
VAN 293/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)The Bird of DawningBass Clarinet + Violin + Viola + CelloParts£17.50
VAN 294ConcertoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)AriseSolo Bassoon + Flute + Oboe + Clarinet + StringsScore9 mins.£6.50
VAN 294/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)AriseSolo Bassoon + Flute + Oboe + Clarinet + StringsParts£20.00
VAN 295Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)GenesisSTT + Oboe + Bassoon + Theorbo + CelloScore15 mins.£8.50
VAN 295/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)GenesisOboe + Bassoon + Theorbo + CelloParts£12.00
VAN 296VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Ottakaa VastaanSunday Communion Hymn (Finnish)SATBScore4 mins.£3.50
VAN 297InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Keskiyö2 HarpsichordsScore (1)5 Mins.£3.00
VAN 298VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Baladillo de los Tres RíosSSAAScore4 mins.£3.50
VAN 299VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Prayer for the DepartedIn Memory of Brian DennisSSAATTBBScore5 mins.£3.50
VAN 300PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Los Espejos de VelasquezThe Mirrors of VelasquezPianoScore8 mins.£5.00
VAN 301InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)PiangendoAndreia Marques in memoriamB. Clarinet + A. Flute + Vibraphone + String TrioScore9 mins.£6.50
VAN 301/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)PiangendoAndreia Marques in memoriamB. Clarinet + A. Flute + Vibraphone + Violin + Viola + CelloParts£15.00
VAN 302VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Angel vopiyasheSATB (Div.)Score5 mins.£3.50
VAN 303Vocal/ViolsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)QoheletSSAATTBB + ViolsScore50 mins.£10.00
VAN 303/Pts.StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Qohelet4 Viols (Consort)Parts50 mins.£16.00
VAN 303/V.S.VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)QoheletSSAATTBBVocal Score50 mins.£6.50
VAN 304InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)UspomenaTuba + Bass Tuba + PianoScore9 mins.£8.00
VAN 304/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)UspomenaTuba + Bass TubaParts9 mins.£8.00
VAN 305VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Den Stora TrädgørdenMs + Ct + T + BScore4 mins.£3.50
VAN 306VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)The Meeting in the GardenSSATBBScore5 mins.£3.50
VAN 307VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)The Land that is notSATB (Div.) + Solo CelloScore15 mins.£8.00
VAN 307/Pt.VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)The Land that is notSolo CelloPart£2.50
VAN 308OrganMoody, Ivan (b.1964)PhosOrganScore4 mins.£3.50
VAN 309ConcertoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Colloquy of Doves4 Harpsichords + StringsScore18 mins.£10.00
VAN 309/Pts.ConcertoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Colloquy of Doves4 Harpsichords + Violin + Viola + Cello + D. BassParts£25.00
VAN 310Vocal/PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Bagpipe DanceChildren’s Choir + SATB + PianoScore3 mins.£3.00
VAN 311VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)IsconsoladaSSATBBScore8 mins.£5.00
VAN 312InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)EvocaciónTenor Recorder + Crotales + Wood BlockScore (2)4 mins.£6.00
VAN 313VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Exaposteilarion for TheophanySATBScore2 mins.£1.50
VAN 314BrassMoody, Ivan (b.1964)LacrimaeBrass EnsembleScore7 mins.£5.00
VAN 314/Pts.BrassMoody, Ivan (b.1964)LacrimaeEb Cornet + 2 Trumpets + 3 Trombones + TubaParts£15.00
VAN 315PianoBeaumont, Adrian (b.1937)Lakeland SketchesPiano Sonata Op.50PianoScore15 mins.£10.00
VAN 316InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)AlborHarpsichord + Recorder QuartetScore & Parts5 mins.£10.00
VAN 317Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Paris, 7 a.m.Solo S + Piano QuintetScore7 mins.£10.00
VAN 317/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Paris, 7 a.m.Violin I + Violin II + Viola + CelloParts7 mins.£10.00
VAN 318BrassMoody, Ivan (b.1964)MosquitoEuphonium + TubaParts3 mins.£3.00
VAN 319Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)LyrebirdPiccolo + Voice (Single Performer)Score3 mins.£3.00
VAN 320VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)... grace upon her heart ...SATB+SATBScore7 mins.£4.50
VAN 321InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)PetaloudaVibraphoneScore2 mins.£2.50
VAN 322VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)The Paschal CanonOde VIIISSAATTBBScore4 mins.£3.50
VAN 323Concerto/BrassMoody, Ivan (b.1964)PipistrelloSolo Bass Tuba + Brass Ensemble (15)Score12 mins.£10.00
VAN 323/Pts.BrassMoody, Ivan (b.1964)PipistrelloBass Tuba + 2 Cornets + 4 Trumpets + 4 Horns + 2 Trombones + Bass Trombone +Cb. Trombone + EuphoniumParts12 mins.£40.00
VAN 324Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)TrisagionSolo Bar + Wind Ensemble (8) + Percussion + StringsScore12 mins.£10.00
VAN 324/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)TrisagionPiccolo + Oboe + Clarinet + Bassoon + Horn + Trumpet + Trombone + Percussion + Strings (5)Parts12 mins.£50.00
VAN 325InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)ValoTr. & Sopranino Recorders + PianoScore & Part4 mins.£5.00
VAN 326InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Muutolintu IEnsemble (12)Score4 mins.£10.00
VAN 326/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Muutolintu IEnsemble (12)Parts4 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 327InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Muutolintu IIBass Clarinet + Trombone + Piano + MarimbaScore5 mins.£6.00
VAN 327/Pts.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Muutolintu IIBass Clarinet + Trombone + Piano + MarimbaParts5 mins.£10.00
VAN 328VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungenCarolSATBScore5 mins.£3.00
VAN 329VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Zezulka z lesa vytlitlaCarolSATBScore3 mins.£2.50
VAN 330VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)The Blessed among women, weepingPassion CarolTTTBScore5 mins.£3.00
VAN 331Vocal/ViolMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Pasa RíoContralto + ViolScore & Parts4 mins.£5.00
VAN 332VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Inês e O ReiSSAATBScore7 mins.£4.50
VAN 333InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)IstellaBass Flute, Crotales, VibraphoneScore & Parts5 mins.£5.50
VAN 334ConcertoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)IterazioniMarimba + StringsScore14 mins.£8
VAN 334/Pts.ConcertoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)IterazioniMarimba + StringsPartsp.o.a.
VAN 335InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)La Scomparsa delle LuccioleEuphonium + PianoScore & Part5 mins.£7.50
VAN 336InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)PerichoresisAlto, Bass + Contrabass FlutesScore & Parts8 mins.£10
VAN 337InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)RememberingAlto Flute + Tam Tam + Hand BellsScore & Parts3 mins.£5.50
VAN 338InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Bird in SpaceSoprano SaxPart2 mins.£2.50
VAN 339InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Wingtip VortexFlutePart2 mins.£2.50
VAN 340Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Preghiera (per Matteo)S + Ocarina + Chinese GongsScore & Parts2 mins.£3.50
VAN 341VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Civitas SanctiSATBScore3 mins.£2.50
VAN 342VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Salmo de MatrimoniaSSATBScore3 mins.£2.50
VAN 343Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Anymphevte PartheneS + Mezzo + OrganScores (3)3 mins.£4.50
VAN 344Vocal/InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.SIX CAROLS arranged for SATB, Brass & OrganSATB + Brass Ensemble + OrganFull Scorec.25 mins.£12.50
VAN 344/VS.VocalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.SIX CAROLS arranged for SATB, Brass & OrganSATBVocal Scorec.25 mins.£8.50
VAN 344/Pts.InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.SIX CAROLS arranged for SATB, Brass & Organ2 Trumpets, 2 Horns, 2 Tbn. Tuba, Timp., OrganParts£30
VAN 344/1Vocal/InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.As with gladnessNo.1 of SIX CAROLS arranged for SATB, Brass & OrganSATB + Brass Ensemble + OrganScore5 mins.£3.50
VAN 344/2Vocal/InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Joy to the worldNo.2 of SIX CAROLS arranged for SATB, Brass & OrganSATB + Brass Ensemble + OrganScore3 mins.£3.50
VAN 344/3Vocal/InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Deck the hallsNo.3 of SIX CAROLS arranged for SATB, Brass & OrganSATB + Brass EnsembleScore2 mins.£3.50
VAN 344/4Vocal/InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Ding dong merrily on highNo.4 of SIX CAROLS arranged for SATB, Brass & OrganSATB + Brass Ensemble + OrganScore3 mins.£3.50
VAN 344/5Vocal/InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.In ducli jubiloNo.5 of SIX CAROLS arranged for SATB, Brass & OrganSATB + Brass Ensemble + OrganScore3 mins. 30ӣ3.50
VAN 344/6Vocal/InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Watt’s Cradle SongNo.6 of SIX CAROLS arranged for SATB, Brass & OrganSATB + Brass Ensemble + OrganScore4 mins.£3.50
VAN 344/1/Pts.InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.As with gladnessNo.1 of SIX CAROLS arranged for SATB, Brass & Organ2 Trumpets, 2 Horns, 2 Tbn. Tuba, Timp., OrganParts5 mins.£10
VAN 344/2/Pts.InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Joy to the worldNo.2 of SIX CAROLS arranged for SATB, Brass & Organ2 Trumpets, 2 Horns, 2 Tbn. Tuba, Timp., OrganParts3 mins.£10
VAN 344/3/Pts.InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Deck the hallsNo.3 of SIX CAROLS arranged for SATB, Brass & Organ2 Trumpets, 2 Horns, 2 Tbn. Tuba, Timp.Parts2 mins.£10
VAN 344/4/Pts.InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Ding dong merrily on highNo.4 of SIX CAROLS arranged for SATB, Brass & Organ2 Trumpets, 2 Horns, 2 Tbn. Tuba, Timp., OrganParts3 mins.£10
VAN 344/5/Pts.InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.In ducli jubiloNo.5 of SIX CAROLS arranged for SATB, Brass & Organ2 Trumpets, 2 Horns, 2 Tbn. Tuba, Timp., OrganParts3 mins. 30ӣ10
VAN 344/6/Pts.InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Watt’s Cradle SongNo.6 of SIX CAROLS arranged for SATB, Brass & Organ2 Trumpets, 2 Horns, 2 Tbn. Tuba, Timp., OrganParts34 mins.£10
VAN 345Vocal/InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944)Resonet in laudibusChristmasSATB + OrganScorec.6 mins.£4
VAN 346Vocal/InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.We wish you a Merry ChristmasChristmasSATB + PianoScore3 mins. 30ӣ3.50
VAN 347Vocal/InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.The Ashwell CarolChristmasSATB + OrganScore3 mins.£3.50
VAN 348VocalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Sing LullabyChristmasSATBScore3 mins. 30ӣ3.50
VAN 349VocalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Infant HolyChristmasSATBScorec.3 mins.£3.50
VAN 350Vocal/InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Tomorrow shall be my dancing dayChristmasSATB + OrganScore3 mins.£4
VAN 351VocalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Silent NightChristmasSATBScore4 mins.£1.50
VAN 352VocalBurrell, Howard (b.1944)Eia, Eia!ChristmasSATBScore4 mins.£4.50
VAN 353VocalBurrell, Howard (b.1944)Sing a Song of JoyChristmasSATB + SATBScorec.8 mins.£5
VAN 354Vocal/InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944)A Child was born: a Christmas ContemplationSATB + OrganScorec.20 mins.£8.50
VAN 355VocalBurrell, Howard (b.1944)There is no sorrow, Lord, too slightMotetSATB + SATBScorec.3 mins.£3.50
VAN 356Vocal/InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944)Lo! He comes with clouds descendingChristmasSATB + Brass Ensemble + OrganScore5 mins.£8
VAN 356/VS.VocalBurrell, Howard (b.1944)Lo! He comes with clouds descendingChristmasSATBScore5 mins.£3.50
VAN 356/Pts.InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944)Lo! He comes with clouds descendingChristmas2 Trumpets, 2 Horns, 2 Tbn. Tuba, Timp.Parts5 mins.£10
VAN 357Vocal/InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944)Love came down at ChristmasChristmasSATB + OrganScore3 mins.£2.50
VAN 358Vocal/InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.God rest ye Merry GentlemenChristmasSATB + Brass Ensemble + OrganScore5 mins.£8
VAN 358/VS.VocalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.God rest ye Merry GentlemenChristmasSATBScore5 mins.£3.50
VAN 358/Pts.InstrumentalBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.God rest ye Merry GentlemenChristmas2 Trumpets, 2 Horns, 2 Tbn. Tuba, Timp.Parts5 mins.£10
VAN 360PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Piano Book: 17 Short Pieces for PianoPianoScorec.20 mins.£12
VAN 360/1PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Ghost TreesPiano Book No.1Piano
VAN 360/2PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Istrian LullabyPiano Book No.2Piano
VAN 360/3PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Le Fortificazioni di FabrizioPiano Book No.3Piano
VAN 360/4PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Mechtá (Мечта)Piano Book No.4Piano
VAN 360/5PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)VistesPiano Book No.5Piano
VAN 360/6PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Spring!Piano Book No.6Piano
VAN 360/7PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)CurvePiano Book No.7Piano
VAN 360/8PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)ClangourPiano Book No.8Piano
VAN 360/9PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Lustre of the PigeonPiano Book No.9Piano
VAN 360/10PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Samovili (Самовили)Piano Book No.10Piano
VAN 360/11PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Bambusicola SonorivoxPiano Book No.11Piano
VAN 360/12PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Zuzanje (Зузање)Piano Book No.12Piano
VAN 360/13PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Water in Brightly Coloured JugsPiano Book No.13Piano
VAN 360/14PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Phoenician RedPiano Book No.14Piano
VAN 360/15PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)PetrichorPiano Book No.15Piano
VAN 360/16PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Il Canto della SirenaPiano Book No.16Piano
VAN 360/17PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)KujawiakPiano Book No.17Piano
VAN 361BrassVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Five Exotic Dances for Brass Sextet2 Trumpets, 2 Horns, 2 TrombonesScorec.13 mins.£6.50
VAN 361/1BrassVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)SofianFive Exotic Dances No.1c.2’ 30”
VAN 361/2BrassVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)TangoFive Exotic Dances No.2c.2’ 30”
VAN 361/3BrassVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)SarabandeFive Exotic Dances No.3c.3’ 00”
VAN 361/4BrassVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)LändlerFive Exotic Dances No.4c.2’ 30”
VAN 361/5BrassVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)HoraFive Exotic Dances No.5c.2’ 30”
VAN 361/PtsBrassVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Five Exotic Dances for Brass Sextet2 Trumpets, 2 Horns, 2 TrombonesPartsc.13 mins.£15
VAN 363BrassVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Commedia for Brass Quintet2 Trumpets, Horn, Trombone, TubaScorec.18 mins.£8
VAN 363/1BrassVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Prologue and DanceCommedia No.1c.3’ 40”
VAN 363/2BrassVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)BarcarolleCommedia No.2[1st Trumpet in D]c.4’ 10”
VAN 363/3BrassVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)MarchCommedia No.3c.3’ 00”
VAN 363/4BrassVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Chorale and AriaCommedia No.4c.4’ 30”
VAN 363/5BrassVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)FinaleCommedia No.5c.3’ 00”
VAN 363/PtsBrassVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Commedia for Brass Quintet2 Trumpets, Horn, Trombone, TubaPartsc.19 mins.£15
VAN 364StringsBurrell, Howard (b.1944)String Quartet No.1String QuartetScorec.20 prep.
VAN 364/PtsStringsBurrell, Howard (b.1944)String Quartet No.1String QuartetPartsc.20 prep.
VAN 365StringsBurrell, Howard (b.1944)String Quartet No.3String QuartetScorec.16 prep.
VAN 365/PtsStringsBurrell, Howard (b.1944)String Quartet No.3String QuartetPartsc.16 prep.
VAN 366StringsBurrell, Howard (b.1944)String Quartet No.4‘Fragments’String QuartetScorec.20 prep.
VAN 366/PtsStringsBurrell, Howard (b.1944)String Quartet No.4‘Fragments’String QuartetPartsc.20 prep.
VAN 367StringsBurrell, Howard (b.1944)String Quartet No.5String QuartetScorec.11 prep.
VAN 367/PtsStringsBurrell, Howard (b.1944)String Quartet No.5String QuartetPartsc.11 prep.
VAN 368ChoralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Four Idylls from TheocritusSATBVocal Scorec.10 mins.£6.50
VAN 368/1ChoralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)The CupFour Idylls No.1SATBc.2’ 30”
VAN 368/2ChoralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)BombykaFour Idylls No.2SATBc.2’ 30”
VAN 368/3ChoralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)SimaetheFour Idylls No.3SATBc.3’ 00”
VAN 368/4ChoralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Reaper’s SongFour Idylls No.4SATBc.2’ 30”
VAN 369Vocal/AccVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Cinq Chansons de RimbaudSoprano + PianoScorec.18 mins.£8
VAN 369/1Vocal/AccVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Les CorbeauxCinq Chansons de Rimbaud No.1Soprano + Pianoc.3’ 40”
VAN 369/2Vocal/AccVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Tête de fauneCinq Chansons de Rimbaud No.2Soprano + Pianoc.4’ 10”
VAN 369/3Vocal/AccVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Bal des pendusCinq Chansons de Rimbaud No.3Soprano + Pianoc.3’ 00”
VAN 369/4Vocal/AccVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)OphélieCinq Chansons de Rimbaud No.4Soprano + Pianoc.4’ 30”
VAN 369/5Vocal/AccVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Chanson de la plus haute tourCinq Chansons de Rimbaud No.5Soprano + Pianoc.3’ 00”
VAN 370Choral/AccVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)The Everlasting VoicesSATB + OrganScorec.18 mins.£8
VAN 370/1Choral/Acc.Victory, Gerard (1921-1995)The Everlasting VoicesThe Everlasting Voices No.1SATB + Organc.3’ 40”
VAN 370/2Choral/AccVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)The Stolen ChildThe Everlasting Voices No.2SATB + Organc.4’ 10”
VAN 370/3Choral/AccVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)The Cat and the MoonThe Everlasting Voices No.3SATB + Organc.3’ 00”
VAN 370/4Choral/AccVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)The Cold HeavenThe Everlasting Voices No.4SATB + Organc.4’ 30”
VAN 371Vocal/AccVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Dialogues d’AmourMezzo-Soprano, Tenor + PianoScorec.18 mins.£8
VAN 371/1Vocal/AccVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Les Roses de SaadiDialogues d’Amour No.1Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor + Pianoc.3’ 40”
VAN 371/2Vocal/AccVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Le pauvre jeune bergerDialogues d’Amour No.2Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor + Pianoc.4’ 10”
VAN 371/3Vocal/AccVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Her VoiceDialogues d’Amour No.3Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor + Pianoc.3’ 00”
VAN 371/4Vocal/AccVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)InterludeDialogues d’Amour No.4Pianoc.4’ 30”
VAN 371/5Vocal/AccVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)ApparitionDialogues d’Amour No.5Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor + Pianoc.3’ 00”
VAN 371/6Vocal/AccVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Sérénade de CarnavalDialogues d’Amour No.6Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor + Pianoc.18 mins.
VAN 371/7Vocal/AccVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)The Poor GhostDialogues d’Amour No.7Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor + Pianoc.3’ 40”
VAN 372PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)And no birds sing/Opsometha phosPianoScore6 mins.£4
VAN 373ChoralMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Cum natus esset IesusSSMsMsAAScore7 mins.£3.50
VAN 374ChoralMoody, Ivan (b.1964)PolyeleosSATBScore4 mins.£3.50
VAN 375ChoralMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Darkness: the Legend of BluebeardSSATTBBScore6 mins.£4.50
VAN 376StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)LetaniasString QuartetScore & Parts7 mins.£7
VAN 377ViolinMoody, Ivan (b.1964)EvloghíseSolo ViolinScore2 mins.£2.50
VAN 378Strings+SoloMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Concierto NarrativoSoprano Sax. + StringsScore15 mins.£4
VAN 378/Pts.Strings+SoloMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Concierto NarrativoSoprano Sax. + StringsParts15 mins.£15
VAN 379ChoralMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Hymn to the LightSATB+SoliScore6 mins.£4.50
VAN 380ChoralMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Akathistos HymnSATB+SoliScore30 mins.£20
VAN 381ChoralMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Cantos MozarabosATTBScore8 mins.£6
VAN 382ChoralMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Blessed be the Name of the LordSATBScore1’30”£1.50
VAN 383BrassMoody, Ivan (b.1964)The Adventures of Pom-PomSolo Bass TubaScore2 mins.£2.50
VAN 568ConcertoWard, David (b.1941)Concerto for Viola & OrchestraViola + Chamber OrchestraFull Score32 mins.
VAN 580VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Ravenna SanctusSATB (Div.) 12 voc.Score15 mins.£8.00
VAN 581VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)The MangerSATBScore3 mins.£2.50
VAN 583PianoPert, Morris (1947-2010)MountainsSuite of 6 PiecesPianoScore12 mins.£8.00
VAN 586VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Five CarolsSATBScore12 mins.£6.00
VAN 586/1VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Five Carols1. Ede beo thu hevene queneSATBp.o.a.
VAN 586/2VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Five Carols2. Carol of the MagiSSAAp.o.a.
VAN 586/3VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Five Carols3. The MangerSATBp.o.a.
VAN 586/4VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Five Carols4. Make ready Bethlehem/Dormi IesuSATBp.o.a.
VAN 586/5VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Five Carols5. Sweet was the SongSATBp.o.a.
VAN 587VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Hymn to St NicholasSSAATTBBScore7 mins.£4.00
VAN 588Vocal/OrchestralPert, Morris (1947-2010)Missa FestivaSA + Orchestra or Organ/PianoVocal Score19 mins.£5.00
VAN 589PianoPert, Morris (1947-2010)StonesSuite of 6 PiecesPianoScore12 mins.£8.00
VAN 591VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)O Viridissima VirgaSATBScore4 mins.£3.50
VAN 592VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Arktos16 voices: 6 Soli + Sx5 + Ax5Score14 mins.£7.50
VAN 594OrchestralBurrell, Howard (b.1944)AnniversaryOrchestraFull Score6 mins.£10.00
VAN 594OrchestralBurrell, Howard (b.1944)AnniversaryOrchestraFull Score6 mins.£10.00
VAN 595Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Ossetian RequiemSATB + 8 CellosFull/Vocal Score15 mins.£4.50
VAN 595/Pts.Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Ossetian Requiem [Parts]8 CellosParts15 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 596InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)Variations on a WaltzPianoScore7 mins.
VAN 598ConcertoWard, David (b.1941)Two Romances #1Violin + Chamber OrchestraFull Score8 mins.
VAN 598/Pts.ConcertoWard, David (b.1941)Two Romances #1 [Parts]Violin + Chamber OrchestraParts8 mins.
VAN 599ConcertoWard, David (b.1941)Two Romances #2Violin + Chamber OrchestraFull Score6 mins.
VAN 599/Pts.ConcertoWard, David (b.1941)Two Romances #2 [Parts]Violin + Chamber OrchestraParts6 mins.
VAN 638StringsWard, David (b.1941)String Quartet #6String QuartetString Quartet20 mins.
VAN 638/Pts.StringsWard, David (b.1941)String Quartet #6 [Parts]String QuartetParts20 mins.
VAN 639ConcertoWard, David (b.1941)Bassoon ConcertinoBassoon + Chamber OrchestraFull Score11 mins.
VAN 640Vocal/InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)e-mails from Palestine (1)Voices + Trombone + Violin + Electric Violin + PercussionScore25 mins.
VAN 641CantataWard, David (b.1941)Beyond the Far HaafMezzo + Baritone + OrchestraFull Score55 mins.
VAN 642Choir/OrchestraVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Five Poems from “Chamber Music”Choir + OrchestraScore- mins.p.o.a.
VAN 642/1Choir/OrchestraVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Five Poems from “Chamber Music”1. From Dewy DreamsChoir + Orchestrap.o.a.
VAN 642/2Choir/OrchestraVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Five Poems from “Chamber Music”2. Bright Cap and StreamersChoir + Orchestrap.o.a.
VAN 642/3Choir/OrchestraVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Five Poems from “Chamber Music”3. Silently she’s combing her hairChoir + Orchestrap.o.a.
VAN 642/4Choir/OrchestraVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Five Poems from “Chamber Music”4. GoldenhairChoir + Orchestrap.o.a.
VAN 642/5Choir/OrchestraVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Five Poems from “Chamber Music”5. Sleep now, O Sleep nowChoir + Orchestrap.o.a.
VAN 642/Pts.Choir/OrchestraVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Five Poems from “Chamber Music”OrchestraPartsp.o.a.
VAN 643StringsVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Fabula Mystica GraecaString OrchestraScore14 mins.£10
VAN 643/Pts.StringsVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Fabula Mystica GraecaString OrchestraPartsp.o.a.
VAN 644BrassPert, Morris (1947-2010)Dawn Music4 Trumpets or CornetsScore12 mins.£6.50
VAN 644/Pts.BrassPert, Morris (1947-2010)Dawn Music4 Trumpets or CornetsParts£20
VAN 645OrchestraPert, Morris (1947-2010)The Light on the StoneOrchestraScore15 mins.£15.00
VAN 645/Pts.OrchestralPert, Morris (1947-2010)The Light on the StoneOrchestraParts15 mins.P.O.A.
VAN 646ConcertoWard, David (b.1941)Bassoon Concertino [Parts]Bassoon + Chamber OrchestraParts
VAN 649StringsWard, David (b.1941)Evolutionary Metamorphoses23 Solo StringsScore25 mins.
VAN 649/Pts.StringsWard, David (b.1941)Evolutionary Metamorphoses [Parts]23 Solo StringsParts25 mins.
VAN 667ConcertoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)LinnunlauluPiano ConcertoPiano + Chamber OrchestraFull Score8 mins.£5.00
VAN 668ConcertoBurrell, Howard (b.1944)ConcertinoSolo Violin + OrchestraFull Score15 mins.£20.00
VAN 668ConcertoBurrell, Howard (b.1944)ConcertinoSolo Violin + OrchestraFull Score15 mins.£20.00
VAN 669VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)He who clothed himself with lightSSAATTBBScore7 mins.£4.00
VAN 671StringsWard, David (b.1941)String Quartet #1 [Parts]String QuartetParts
VAN 672StringsWard, David (b.1941)String Quartet #2 [Parts]String QuartetParts
VAN 673Wind BandBurrell, Howard (b.1944)ContrabandWind BandFull Score11 mins.£25.00
VAN 674Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Dormition of the Virgin, TheSTB Soli + SATB + 2 Trumpets + StringsScore45 mins.£12.00
VAN 675ConcertoWard, David (b.1941)Cello SongCello + Harp + Keyboard + StringsFull Score11 mins.
VAN 675/Pts.ConcertoWard, David (b.1941)Cello Song [Parts]Cello + Harp + Keyboard + StringsParts11 mins.
VAN 676VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Bright StarSSS soli + SABar chorusScore3 mins.£2.50
VAN 678ConcertoBurrell, Howard (b.1944)Concertino Piano ReductionSolo Violin + PianoPiano Reduction15 mins.£10.00
VAN 679Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)CrocifissioneSSATB + 2 Horns + 2 TrombonesScore3 mins.£8.00
VAN 680StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Morning Star, TheSolo Double Bass + Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass )Score14 mins.£8.00
VAN 687Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Russian HymnTT + Recorder + Theorbo + CelloScore5 mins.£3.00
VAN 687/PtsInstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Russian HymnRecorder + Theorbo + CelloParts£5.00
VAN 689StringsWard, David (b.1941)String Quartet #2String QuartetScore38 mins.
VAN 690InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)Cello Concerto # 2 [Piano Reduction]Cello + PianoScore & Parts22 mins.
VAN 691StringsWard, David (b.1941)String Quartet #1String QuartetScore25 mins.
VAN 692Wind BandBurrell, Howard (b.1944)ContrabandWind BandPartsp.o.a.
VAN 693ConcertoBurrell, Howard (b.1944)ConcertinoSolo Violin + OrchestraPartsp.o.a.
VAN 694ConcertoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Morning Star, TheViolin + Viola + Cello + Double Bass + Solo Double BassPartsp.o.a.
VAN 695Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Dormition of the Virgin, The2 Trumpets + StringsPartsp.o.a.
VAN 696VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Poor Young Shepherd, TheSSAAScore4 mins.£3.25
VAN 697ConcertoWard, David (b.1941)Cello Concerto # 2Cello + Chamber OrchestraFull Score22 mins.
VAN 700InstrumentalBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)Air & GalumphTuba + PianoScore & Parts4 mins.£5.00
VAN 701InstrumentalBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)RomanceTuba + PianoScore & Parts11 mins.£8.50
VAN 702InstrumentalBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)March & Fugue2 TubasScore & Parts5 + 2 mins.£4.50
VAN 703InstrumentalBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)EuphoriaEuphonium + PianoScore & Parts8 mins.£10.00
VAN 704InstrumentalButterworth, Arthur (1923-2014)FlamboyanceTrumpet + PianoScore & Parts3 mins.£4.00
VAN 706InstrumentalBeaumont, Adrian (b.1937)Nature StudiesOboe + PianoScore & Parts12 mins.£10.00
VAN 707InstrumentalButterworth, Arthur (1923-2014)BerceuseOboe + PianoScore & Parts3 mins.£3.00
VAN 708ConcertoBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)ConcertinoClarinet + StringsFull Score13 mins.£6.00
VAN 709ConcertoBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)ConcertinoClarinet + Piano (Reduction)Score & Parts13 mins.£8.50
VAN 710InstrumentalBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)Scherzo4 Double BassesScore & Parts4 mins.£8.00
VAN 711VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Vespers SequenceCt+T+Bar+BScore35 mins£12.00
VAN 711/1VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Vespers Sequence1. Anoisantaria (end of Ps.103 troped)Ct+T+Bar+B
VAN 711/2VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Vespers Sequence2. Blessed is the ManCt+T+Bar+B
VAN 711/3VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Vespers Sequence3. Lord I have criedCt+T+Bar+B
VAN 711/4VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Vespers Sequence4. TheolokionCt+T+Bar+B
VAN 711/5VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Vespers Sequence5. O Gladsome Light (“Svete Tikhi”)Ct+T+Bar+B
VAN 711/6VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Vespers Sequence6. DoxastikonCt+T+Bar+B
VAN 711/7VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Vespers Sequence7. Prayer of St SymeonCt+T+Bar+B
VAN 711/8VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Vespers Sequence8. Rejoice, Virgin TheotokosCt+T+Bar+B
VAN 712OrganThomas, Wyndham (1938-2018)Seven Little Pieces (Studies)OrganScore14 mins.£7.00
VAN 713OrganThomas, Wyndham (1938-2018)Toccata & FugueOrganScore8 mins.£8.00
VAN 714OrganThomas, Wyndham (1938-2018)Introduction & PassacagliaOrganScore10 mins.£8.00
VAN 715InstrumentalButterworth, Arthur (1923-2014)SonatinaViolin + PianoScore & Parts8 mins.£8.00
VAN 716Wind BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)DiversionsWind BandFull Score13 mins.£12.00
VAN 717Wind BandButterworth, Arthur (1923-2014)TundraWind BandFull Score15 mins.£12.00
VAN 718Wind BandVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Marche BizarreWind BandScore4 mins.£6.00
VAN 718(b)Fanfare OrchestraVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Marche BizarreFanfare OrchestraScore4 mins.£10
VAN 718(b)/Pts.Fanfare OrchestraVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Marche BizarreFanfare OrchestraPartsp.o.a.
VAN 724OrchestralButterworth, Arthur (1923-2014)GiguesOrchestraFull Score5 mins.£6.00
VAN 724/Pts.OrchestralButterworth, Arthur (1923-2014)GiguesOrchestraParts5 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 725Brass BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)EuphoriaSolo Euphonium + Brass BandFull Score8 mins.£8.50
VAN 726Brass BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)Fantasia on Tico, TicoBrass BandFull Score4 mins.£9.50
VAN 727Brass BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017), arr.Fugue in EbJ.S. Bach, arr. BourgeoisBrass BandScore & Parts3 mins.£4.50
VAN 728Brass BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)RomanceTuba + Brass BandFull Score11 mins.£12.50
VAN 729Brass BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)PastoraleBrass BandFull Score3 mins.£4.50
VAN 730Brass BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)Rumpelstiltskin’s WaltzBrass BandFull Score3 mins.£4.50
VAN 731Brass BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)Shepherd’s CarolBrass BandFull Score4 mins.£3.50
VAN 732Brass BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017), arr.Minute WaltzSolo Cornet + Brass BandFull Score4 mins.£4.00
VAN 733Brass BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)HumoresqueBrass BandFull Score4 mins.£4.50
VAN 734Brass BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017), arr.Heart of Oaktrad. arr. BourgeoisBrass BandParts2 mins.£4.50
VAN 735Brass BandBeaumont, Adrian (b.1937)ToccataBrass BandScore4 mins.£5.00
VAN 737Brass BandThomas, Wyndham (1938-2018)Fanfares & ScherzoBrass BandScore5 mins.£5.00
VAN 738Brass BandVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Marche BizarreBrass BandScore4 mins.£5.00
VAN 739ChamberBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)DivertimentoFlute + Oboe + Clarinet + Bassoon + Horn + String Quartet + Double BassScore13 mins.£10.00
VAN 739/Pts.ChamberBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)DivertimentoFlute + Oboe + Clarinet + Bassoon + Horn + String Quartet + Double BassParts13 mins.£25.00
VAN 740ChamberSteadman, Robert (b.1965)And then there were threeClarinet + Violin + CelloScore & Parts12 mins.£15.00
VAN 741ChamberSteadman, Robert (b.1965)Mr De Mille, I’m ready for my closeup Violin + PianoScore & Parts9 mins.£15.00
VAN 742ChamberSteadman, Robert (b.1965)Your jumper’s very woollyViolin + Cello + PianoScore & Parts16 mins.£25.00
VAN 743ChamberSteadman, Robert (b.1965)Still Life with QuartetClarinet + Violin + Cello + PianoScore & Parts13 mins.£20.00
VAN 745Brass Band/VoiceBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Don’t be cross [Karl Zeller]Brass Band + VoiceScore5 mins£5.00
VAN 746Brass Band/VoiceBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Laughing Song [J. Strauss]Brass Band + VoiceScore4 mins.£6.00
VAN 749Brass Band/VoiceBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Who is Sylvia? [Franz Schubert]Brass Band + VoiceScore3 mins.£3.00
VAN 751Brass BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)RomanceTuba + Brass BandParts£15.00
VAN 762Wind BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)DiversionsWind BandParts13 mins.£40.00
VAN 763Wind BandButterworth, Arthur (1923-2014)TundraWind BandParts£45.00
VAN 764Wind BandVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Marche BizarreWind BandParts£15.00
VAN 769Brass BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)EuphoriaSolo Euphonium + Brass BandParts£15.00
VAN 770Brass BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)Fantasia on Tico, TicoBrass BandParts£15.00
VAN 772Brass BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)PastoraleBrass BandParts£7.50
VAN 773Brass BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)Rumpelstiltskin’s WaltzBrass BandParts£7.50
VAN 773Brass BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)Rumpelstiltskin’s WaltzBrass BandParts£7.50
VAN 774Brass BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)Shepherd’s CarolBrass BandParts£4.50
VAN 775Brass BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017), arr.Minute WaltzSolo Cornet + Brass BandParts£5.00
VAN 776Brass BandBourgeois, Derek (1941-2017)HumoresqueBrass BandParts£5.00
VAN 778Brass BandBeaumont, Adrian (b.1937)ToccataBrass BandParts£10.00
VAN 780Brass BandThomas, Wyndham (1938-2018)Fanfares & ScherzoBrass BandParts£8.00
VAN 781Brass BandVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Marche BizarreBrass BandParts£10.00
VAN 788Brass Band/VoiceBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Don’t be cross [Karl Zeller]Brass Band + VoiceParts£12.00
VAN 789Brass Band/VoiceBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Laughing Song [J. Strauss]Brass Band + VoiceParts£13.00
VAN 792Brass Band/VoiceBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Who is Sylvia? [Franz Schubert]Brass Band + VoiceParts£10.00
VAN 793Brass Band/VoiceBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Ave Maria [J. S. Bach, arr. Gounod]Brass Band + VoiceParts£10.00
VAN 794Brass Band/VoiceBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Letter Song [La Périchole/Offenbach]Brass Band + VoiceParts£12.00
VAN 795PianoSteadman, Robert (b.1965)By the Railway Sidings: A SonataPianoScore10 mins.£5.00
VAN 796StringsWard, David (b.1941)In Memoriam Simon [Parts]String QuartetParts
VAN 798InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)Sonata for ViolinSolo ViolinPart13 mins.
VAN 799InstrumentalThomas, Wyndham (1938-2018)Piano TrioViolin + Cello + PianoScore & Parts20 mins.£15.00
VAN 800Vocal/OrchestralMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Lithuanian SongsS + OrchestraScore30 mins.£10.00
VAN 800/1Vocal/OrchestralMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Lithuanian Songs1. Moon took to be his BrideS + OrchestraScore
VAN 800/2Vocal/OrchestralMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Lithuanian Songs2. Morn’s Star held a Wedding FeastS + OrchestraScore
VAN 800/3Vocal/OrchestralMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Lithuanian Songs3. Sun, ‘tis time you went over the firmamentS + OrchestraScore
VAN 800/4Vocal/OrchestralMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Lithuanian Songs4. Fly, Little HawkS + OrchestraScore
VAN 801CantataMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Passion and ResurrectionSoli + Chorus + Bells + StringsScore60 mins.£10.00
VAN 801/Pts.CantataMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Passion and ResurrectionSoli + Chorus + Bells + StringsParts60 mins.£20.00
VAN 802ConcertoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)PnevmaSolo Recorder + StringsScore15 mins.£6.50
VAN 803ConcertoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)EpitaphiosSolo Cello + StringsScore15 mins.£10.00
VAN 805StringsVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)String QuartetString QuartetScore30 mins.£10.00
VAN 805/Pts.StringsVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)String Quartet [Pts.]String QuartetParts30 mins.
VAN 806CantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima RerumRequiem Cantata4 Soli [S+Ms+T+Bar] + Choirs + OrchestraScore(s)98 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/01CantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum01: KyrieScore14 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/01/V.S.CantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum01: KyrieVocal Score14 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/02CantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum02: Canzone FunebreScore8 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/02/V.S.CantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum02: Canzone FunebreVocal Score8 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/03CantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum03: Dies IraeScore10 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/03/V.S.CantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum03: Dies IraeVocal Score10 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/04CantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum04: De profundisScore8 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/04/V.S.CantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum04: De profundisVocal Score8 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/05CantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum05: OffertoriumScore10 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/05/V.S.CantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum05: OffertoriumVocal Score10 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/06CantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum06: Canzone a sè stessoScore6 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/06/V.SCantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum06: Canzone a sè stessoVocal Score6 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/07CantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum07: SanctusScore15 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/07/V.SCantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum07: SanctusVocal Score15 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/08CantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum08: In ParadisumScore7 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/08/V.SCantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum08: In ParadisumVocal Score7 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/09CantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum09: BenedictusScore6 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/09/V.SCantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum09: BenedictusVocal Score6 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/10CantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum10: Agnus DeiScore16 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/10/V.S.CantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima Rerum10: Agnus DeiVocal Score16 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 806/Pts.CantataVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Ultima RerumRequiem CantataOrchestraPartsp.o.a.
VAN 807StringsWard, David (b.1941)In Memoriam SimonConcerto within a String QuartetString Quartet [Solo Viola]Score7 mins.
VAN 808OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Six Epiphanies of the AuthorIn Memory of James Joyce - the Author, (1882-1941)OrchestraScore(s)40 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 808/1OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Six Epiphanies of the Author1. Prologue & HabañeraOrchestra- mins.
VAN 808/2OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Six Epiphanies of the Author2. MarchOrchestra- mins.
VAN 808/3OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Six Epiphanies of the Author3. Oration & ScherzoOrchestra- mins.
VAN 808/4OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Six Epiphanies of the Author4. Serenata NotturnaOrchestra- mins.
VAN 808/5OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Six Epiphanies of the Author5. IntermezzoOrchestra- mins.
VAN 808/6OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Six Epiphanies of the Author6. CortégeOrchestra- mins.
VAN 809Brass Band/VoiceBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Ave Maria [J. S. Bach, arr. Gounod]Brass Band + VoiceScore3 mins.£4.50
VAN 810Brass Band/VoiceBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Letter Song [La Périchole/Offenbach]Brass Band + VoiceScore£6.00
VAN 815OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Nine Variations on The CravateOrchestraScore20 mins.£30
VAN 815/Pts.OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Nine Variations on The CravateOrchestraPartsp.o.a.
VAN 850Vocal/OrchestralMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Lithuanian SongsS + OrchestraPartsp.o.a
VAN 852InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)PnevmaSolo Recorder + Violin + Viola + Cello + D. BassParts15 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 853ConcertoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)EpitaphiosSolo Cello + StringsPartsp.o.a.
VAN 863OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Six Epiphanies of the AuthorIn Memory of James Joyce - the Author, (1882-1941)OrchestraPartsp.o.a.
VAN 865InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)Sonata FantasiaCello + PianoScore & Parts17 mins
VAN 866InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)Sonata for PianoPianoScore23 mins.
VAN 869InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)Concerto for Viola & PianoPiano ReductionViola + PianoScore & Parts32 mins.
VAN 871InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)Little DuetClarinet + ViolinParts4 mins.
VAN 873VocalBeaumont, Adrian (b.1937)Echoes of OzymandiasChoralScore7 mins.£3.00
VAN 877InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)Little Duetarrangement of VAN 871Violin + ViolaParts4 mins.
VAN 881StringsWard, David (b.1941)String Quartet #5String QuartetScore11 mins.
VAN 884BrassBeaumont, Adrian (b.1937)Fanfare for a New BeginningBrass QuintetScore3 mins.£5.00
VAN 884/Pts.BrassBeaumont, Adrian (b.1937)Fanfare for a New BeginningBrass QuintetParts3 mins.£11.50
VAN 885Vocal/StringsBeaumont, Adrian (b.1937)A Glimmer of Unshapen DawnSoprano + String QuartetScore23 mins.£8.50
VAN 885/Pts.StringsBeaumont, Adrian (b.1937)A Glimmer of Unshapen DawnViolin I + Violin II + Viola + CelloParts23 mins.£15.00
VAN 886OrchestraBeaumont, Adrian (b.1937)An Ark singing in the SunOrchestraScore14 mins.£8.50
VAN 886/Pts.OrchestraBeaumont, Adrian (b.1937)An Ark singing in the SunOrchestraParts14 mins.p.o.a
VAN 887Vocal/PianoBeaumont, Adrian (b.1937)The Pale HorizonSong-Cycle after TennysonBar + PianoScore11 mins.£8.00
VAN 895ConcertoWard, David (b.1941)Concerto for Viola & Orchestra [Parts]Viola + Chamber OrchestraParts
VAN 904VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Seven Songs of Experience (Blake)1. Invocation and ResponseSATB (Div.)Score£3.50
VAN 907VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Canticum Canticorum ISong of Songs IATTBScore4 mins.£2.50
VAN 911VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)In ParadisumNo.8 from Requiem Cantata: Ultima Rerum.SATB (Div.)Score6 mins. 30ӣ3.50
VAN 912VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Seven Songs of Experience (Blake)2. The SunflowerSATB (Div.)Score£2.50
VAN 913VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Seven Songs of Experience (Blake)3. The Little VagabondSATB (Div.)Score£3.50
VAN 914VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Seven Songs of Experience (Blake)4. The FlySATB (Div.)Score£2.50
VAN 915VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Seven Songs of Experience (Blake)5. The Human AbstractSATB (Div.)Score£3.50
VAN 916VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Seven Songs of Experience (Blake)6. The Sick RoseSATB (Div.)Score£2.50
VAN 917VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Seven Songs of Experience (Blake)7. The TygerSATB (Div.)Score£3.50
VAN 918VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Seven Songs of Experience (Blake)SATB (Div.)Score£12.50
VAN 919VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Prayer for the ForestsSSAScore3 mins.£2.50
VAN 922VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Le Coffret de SantalThe Sandalwood Box. Words [French] by Charles Cros (1842-1888)SATB + PercussionScore25 mins.£12.50
VAN 922/Pt.InstrumentalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Le Coffret de SantalThe Sandalwood Box.Percussion (1 player)Part25 mins.£12.50
VAN 922.1VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Don JuanNo.1 of Le CoffretSATB + PercussionScore4 mins.£4.50
VAN 922.2VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)L’OrgueNo.2 of Le CoffretSATB + PercussionScore3 mins.£4.50
VAN 922.2(a)VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)The OrganNo.2 of Le Coffret with English words.SSAAScore3 mins.£4.50
VAN 922.3VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Li-Taï-PéNo.3 of Le CoffretSATB + PercussionScore4 mins.£4.50
VAN 922.4VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Le TsiganeNo.4 of Le CoffretSATB + PercussionScore4 mins.£4.50
VAN 922.5VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)La Dame en pierreNo.5 of Le CoffretSATB + PercussionScore4 mins.£4.50
VAN 922.6VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)RomanceNo.6 of Le CoffretSATB + PercussionScore4 mins.£4.50
VAN 925VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)MisererePsalm 50SATB (Div.)Score7 mins.£4.50
VAN 926VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Words of the AngelSSAScore2 mins.£2.50
VAN 926/Tpt.InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Words of the Angel3 TrumpetsScore & Parts2 mins.£5.00
VAN 927 (a)OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)L’Atelier de RenoirFrom Renoir’s Workshop 1, 2 & 3OrchestraScore- mins.p.o.a.
VAN 927 (b)OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)L’Atelier de RenoirFrom Renoir’s Workshop 4 & 5OrchestraScore- mins.p.o.a.
VAN 927/1OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)L’Atelier de Renoir1. OuvertureOrchestraScorep.o.a.
VAN 927/2OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)L’Atelier de Renoir2. ValseOrchestraScorep.o.a.
VAN 927/3OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)L’Atelier de Renoir3. MarcheOrchestraScorep.o.a.
VAN 927/4OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)L’Atelier de Renoir4. AubadeOrchestraScorep.o.a.
VAN 927/5OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)L’Atelier de Renoir5. GalopOrchestraScorep.o.a.
VAN 928VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Echoes (Thomas Moore)SATBScore2 mins. 30ӣ2.50
VAN 928/1VocalVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Echoes (Thomas Moore)SSAAScore2 mins. 30ӣ2.50
VAN 929VocalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Canticum Canticorum IISong of Songs IIATTBScore8 mins.£5.00
VAN 930Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Canticum Canticorum IIISong of Songs IIITenor + HarpScore3 mins.£3.00
VAN 936ViolsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Corale per EuniceTr + T + T + B.ViolScore3 mins.£2.50
VAN 937ConcertoVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Piano Concerto No.2Piano + OrchestraScore22 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 938OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Symphony No.2Il RicorsoOrchestraScore35 mins.£20.00
VAN 939OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Symphony No.3RefrainsOrchestraScore35 mins.p.o.a.
VAN 944PianoMoody, Ivan (b.1964)KharamaPianoScore4 mins.£5.00
VAN 945StringsWard, David (b.1941)String Quartet #5 [Parts]String QuartetParts
VAN 946ViolsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)In NomineTr + T + T + B.ViolScore3 mins.£2.50
VAN 947Brass Band/VoiceBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Five Welsh SongsBrass Band + VoiceScore20 mins.£15.00
VAN 947/1Brass Band/VoiceBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Five Welsh Songs1. Ar Hyd y Nos [All through the night]Brass Band + Voice
VAN 947/2Brass Band/VoiceBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Five Welsh Songs2. Bugeilio’r Gwenith Gwyn [Amid the golden colour’d corn]Brass Band + Voice
VAN 947/3Brass Band/VoiceBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Five Welsh Songs3. Dafydd y Gareg Wen [David of the White Rock]Brass Band + Voice
VAN 947/4Brass Band/VoiceBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Five Welsh Songs4. Tros y Gareg [O’er the Stone]Brass Band + Voice
VAN 947/5Brass Band/VoiceBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Five Welsh Songs5. Hob y Deri Dando [All the Day ...]Brass Band + Voice
VAN 948Brass Band/VoiceBurrell, Howard (b.1944), arr.Five Welsh SongsBrass Band + VoiceParts£50.00
VAN 949VocalWard, David (b.1941)Three Orpheus Sonnets (Rilke)Mezzo + PianoScore10 mins.
VAN 956ViolsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Corale per EuniceTr + T + T + B.ViolParts£8.00
VAN 957OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)L’Atelier de RenoirFrom Renoir’s WorkshopOrchestraPartsp.o.a.
VAN 959ConcertoVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Piano Concerto No.2OrchestraPartsp.o.a.
VAN 960OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Symphony No.2Il RicorsoOrchestraPartsp.o.a.
VAN 961OrchestralVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Symphony No.3RefrainsOrchestraPartsp.o.a.
VAN 963ViolsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)In NomineTr + T + T + B.ViolParts£8.00
VAN 964OrchestralWard, David (b.1941)Overture to Jack’s EngagementOrchestra6 mins.
VAN 965Vocal/OrchestralWard, David (b.1941)Overture & ScenaSoprano + OrchestraFull Score13 mins.
VAN 966StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Lumière sans déclinStringsScore7 mins.£5.00
VAN 967ConcertoVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Concerto for Cello & OrchestraSolo Cello + OrchestraScore30 mins.£30
VAN 967/Pts.ConcertoVictory, Gerard (1921-1995)Concerto for Cello & OrchestraSolo Cello + OrchestraPartsp.o.a.
VAN 969StringsWard, David (b.1941)String Quartet #4String QuartetScore19 mins.
VAN 970StringsWard, David (b.1941)String Quartet #3String QuartetScore30 mins.
VAN 971Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Lullaby for a Byzantine PrincessS + String QuartetScore5 mins.£6.00
VAN 971/Pts.Vocal/StringsMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Lullaby for a Byzantine PrincessString QuartetParts5 mins.£6.00
VAN 974Vocal/InstrumentalMoody, Ivan (b.1964)Byzantine LegendS + Horn + PianoScore & Parts6 mins.£6.00
VAN 975InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)2 Minute CapriceBasset Clarinet SoloPart2 mins.
VAN 981ConcertoWard, David (b.1941)Cello Concerto # 2 [Parts]Cello + Chamber OrchestraParts
VAN 982Vocal/Acc.Moody, Ivan (b.1964)Wedding TroparionS + Violin + CelloScore2 mins.£2.50
VAN 985InstrumentalWard, David (b.1941)Seven Little PiecesBasset Clarinet SoloPart15 mins.
VAN 986OperaWard, David (b.1941)Doctor FosterOpera (Large House)Full Score2 hrs. 30 mins.
VAN 988OperaWard, David (b.1941)The Snow QueenChamber OperaFull Score52 mins.
VAN 987OperaWard, David (b.1941)Jack’s EngagementOpera (Medium House)Full Score1 hr. 30 mins.
VAN 989OperaWard, David (b.1941)The Death of FerdiaChamber OperaFull Score33 mins.
VAN 990OperaWard, David (b.1941)A Full Moon in MarchChamber OperaFull Score40 mins.
VAN 991Vocal/OrchestralWard, David (b.1941)Overture & Scena [Vocal Score]Soprano + OrchestraVocal Score13 mins.
VAN 994StringsWard, David (b.1941)String Quartet #4 [Parts]String QuartetParts
VAN 997StringsWard, David (b.1941)String Quartet #3 [Parts]String QuartetParts
VAN 999Vocal/OrchestralWard, David (b.1941)Overture & Scena [Parts]Soprano + OrchestraParts13 mins.

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